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Contact us if you want more information about products and services from our offer, payment, and delivery options, or if you have any other questions. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

MIKRO+POLO, company for engineering, production and trade Ltd.


Zagrebška cesta 22

2000 Maribor

Slovenia, EU

Opening times:

Monday-Thursday: 08:30 – 14:30

Friday:  08:30 – 13:30

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: closed


Order processing costs are charged for small orders:

  • If you obtain the offer through the Market online store, processing costs in the amount of 10,00 € are included in all orders whose total net value does not exceed 50,00 €.
  • If we prepare the offer for you, the processing costs in the amount of 15,00 € are included in all orders whose total net value does not exceed 200,00 €.

The costs include preparation of the offer and order, shipping, and transport of the ordered material.

Processing costs are also paid in case of own collection.

The offer obtained in the online store is not yet an order. The received offer must be confirmed with an order form / written confirmation. After receiving the confirmation, the offer becomes an order. You will receive an official order confirmation by email.

Delivery dates are accurate and reliable for products that are in stock in the Mikro+Polo warehouse. These products have an estimated delivery time of 1-3 days. As for products that are not in stock, the delivery date is approximate, as it depends on the supplier’s stock.

The information about the stock was realistic at the time of obtaining the offer. Upon confirmation of your order, the stock has most likely been dispatched. To avoid this situation, we recommend confirming the offer as soon as possible.

The most common reasons:

  1. The most common reasons: Until the payment is visible in our system, the shipment of the products is blocked. Sometimes it can take up to 48 hours (from payment to transfer to our system). For faster delivery, you can send us a confirmation of payment to, and you will receive the shipment a day or so earlier if it is in stock.
  2. When paying, you did not refer to the offer number, so we could not tie the payment to your order. The reference at the time of payment is mandatory and necessary information.
  3. Perfect delivery. If you indicated when submitting the offer that you want full delivery for the entire order, there is a possibility that we do not have all the products in stock. You will receive your order when we have received all the selected products in our warehouse.

Download the user manual for your device.


Familiarize yourself with the complaints procedure. If a fault has been found in the goods, please follow the points below.

If upon receiving the shipment, you notice signs of damage, such as damage to the packaging (which is already visible upon delivery), lack of content (signs of opening are visible), or hidden damage (damage to the goods, breakage, etc.), please inform us about this immediately at the email address

The package must be left in the same condition as you received it; without adding or removing anything. We will initiate a complaint procedure with the delivery service that delivered the shipment (GLS, Cityexpress, Intereuropa), and, together with them, we will ensure that the complaint is resolved as soon as possible.

In case of making a complaint, it is necessary to fill out a complaint form.

To file a complaint you need to complete the complaint form. Send the completed form to the email address:

(For easier and faster resolution of the complaint, it is necessary to indicate all information marked * on the form.)

If the complaint is well-founded, you will be given the number of the complaint report, either through telephone or to your e-mail address.

Upon returning the goods, you need to enclose the completed form with the number of the complaint report which you received from us beforehand. We shall keep you up-to-date with all the details about the progress of your complaint. We do not accept cash-on-delivery packages.


If you would like more information about our sales program and services, please fill out the contact form. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Any opinion for a service provided helps us to do better next time. If you have a complaint or want to compliment us, suggest anything, encourage us or give an advice, we kindly invite you to let us know.