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Letter to Pirates

Tina Hohnjec

Dear pirates, after almost two months of even more intense work, I would like to pause for a moment to address you. In these past two days, I have been thinking more deeply about us and what’s happening in the company, in the department… I’ve been thinking about each and every one of you …

Despite everyone having their concerns, struggles, and doubts, you give it your all and then some. Looking at it from a bit of a distance, if Mikro+Polo is the ship currently sailing through the stormiest weather and navigating the highest waves, I see us, our department, as the main pirates, with the most passion, determination, and fighting spirit.

Every day, we selflessly tackle challenges that have become more difficult to solve than when the sea was even calmer.

During our wild voyage, no discontent, no SAP-related complication, and no question without an answer can stop us. Among the numerous obstacles, you navigate with great enthusiasm, laughter, and collaboration. In such times, the skills of each one of you shine and complement each other beautifully. Simplicity, humor, detailed explanations, at times straightforwardness and conciseness, speed, accuracy, personal approach, and a great sense of mutual motivation …

It’s beautiful to see this pirate camaraderie, which is by no means self-evident. We work on and for this every day, even with small gestures that may not be obvious to everyone but are uniquely ours, appreciated by all of us.

What do I want to say? Just that it’s not self-evident that in the fiercest storm, we are the main pirates on the ship, navigating through high waves. It’s not logical or normal that we’ve stayed on the ship, even though we know there are lifeboats around it that can quickly take us to a safe harbor. We persist because maybe we’re a bit ‘crazy,’ and above all, because we love challenges, our fellow pirates, and we’re happy when we do something well.

I can’t say that I expect us to maintain this because it’s naive to expect that no one will be completely exhausted in such a storm. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow, someone might jump into the water because they’re too tired. You never know… That’s why we live for today. We fight for today and for our good feeling. A good feeling and satisfaction have become our treasure that we seek. Taking care of the pirate sitting next to me should become even more important than before. Let’s give them a drink when they’re thirsty, feed them, praise them when they win a battle—this will keep them alive. And let’s not forget that we grow the most when it’s hard, when we’re fighting. That’s when we connect even more, and from there, we can only go up!

In the quest for treasure, I send a pirate greeting to all of you!

P.S.: I wrote this from bed, under the influence of fever, so imagination was at play. This is also an important detail that helps explain the content of this letter. The letter is addressed to the pirates in the Order Processing Department. Any identification of other pirates on the same ship with the written letter is highly welcome.