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What I definitely know!

Aleksandra Peharda

I admit that I borrowed the title from the bestselling book by Oprah Winfrey, recommended to me by “our coach” Bojan. For all his recommendations (7 books), I am sincerely grateful to him, as he has made my vacation even more enjoyable.

Of course, I haven’t (yet) read all seven, but I started with, at least seemingly, the most interesting ones. Thus, my time lying on the beach has been enriched with thoughts about myself, us, and consequently, our company. Whether we admit it or not, our mindset is indeed closely connected to our personal happiness and, consequently, our success, including in the workplace. The rules are always the same, regardless of the topic, whether it’s about children, partners, family, friends, or colleagues… or about our perception of food, our responsibilities, or ourselves and our own success. Everything emanates from within ourselves, from our perception, and our self-confidence. I warmly recommend the book and hope we can add it to our library.

I will share only a few nuggets that Oprah mentions and may give you something to think about (I hope):

  • If you think someone else is responsible for your happiness, you are wasting time.
  • I have always been proud of my independence, honesty, and the support I give to others. However, there is a thin line between pride and self-satisfaction.
  • If we learn to accept lessons, mistakes, and failures as springboards into the future, it is a sure sign that we are progressing in the right direction.
  • If we take just one step more than we think we are capable of, if we draw from the incredible determination that every human being possesses, the toughest moments we all go through will be stepping stones for our progress.
  • Anyone who believes that someone else or something else can personally perfect them has lost their compass in life, and it is time for a change.
  • Let’s learn to be grateful for the little things.
  • Let’s admit our mistakes so we can change them.
  • Right now, wherever we are, one decision separates us from a new beginning.

You can rest assured that I haven't "deteriorated," but all the facts I've read align very well with the company culture we are preparing and the mindset that we all must internalize as a successful and reputable company if we want to grow exponentially.

In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about modern leadership, workplace freedom, and horizontal leadership in the sense of “we are all equal and don’t need titles.” I fully support all of this and believe it is the key to success. However, each individual must first “align” themselves personally, if I may express it that way, to be mature for such an organization. In plain terms:

  • Believe in yourself and your abilities.
  • Take responsibility.
  • We are the managers of our thoughts and attitudes.
  • Be grateful.
  • Treat people around you as you would like others to treat you.
  • Ensure that our work is better every day than the day before – seek improvements every day.

Success is guaranteed. And I know that for sure! s Paulo Coelho says, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

If Bojan reads this blog, he will immediately know that some thoughts are already related to the next world bestseller by author Robin Sharma titled “Leader Without a Title.” But about that (hopefully), next time.