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From the secret letters of a monk

Tina Hohnjec

At sea, I find time to go deeper into myself, to think about myself, about relationships with people in my environment, about the life that is happening to me and is so very short and fleeting. When I am away from my everyday life, I think more easily and see the picture more realistically. This way I remember again what is important, what I can improve, where I can give more of myself, what I might be wasting too much energy on.

The sun is setting, my gaze into the distance of the sea catches two fishermen on an old boat casting a net. I think that life is very simple and that most of the time we complicate it for ourselves. Fishermen catch fish, watch the sea and live by it. They don’t care what they are wearing, they are not interested in the latest phone model, they live for stories and simple pleasures.

The sun set, the fishermen came ashore. Before going to sleep, I read a few more pages of a book called The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Writer Robin Sharma so beautifully sums up everything that is really important in this little life of ours. That is why I decided to quote from the book 9 golden guidelines for life, which definitely have a positive effect on our health.

The most important gift we can give ourselves is the commitment to live authentically. But being authentic is not easy. We must shake off the temptations of society and live according to our principles and values, in accordance with our own dreams. We must find our hidden selves, explore our deep, unseen desires, learn about our strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are. We need to understand where we have been and where we are going. Every decision we make, every step we take must be based on a commitment to a life that is true and honest to ourselves and no one else. Only in this way will we experience happiness beyond all expectations.

An invisible web of fear holds us back in life. This keeps us in the safe zone, which is actually the least safe. The most risky thing in life is not to risk anything. But every time we do what we fear, we regain the power that fear robbed us of, because on the other side of our fears resides our power. Every time we step into the discomfort of growth and development, we become more free. The more fears we go through, the more strength we gain. This way we become fearless and strong at the same time and can live the life of our dreams.

Just as words are thoughts expressed, actions are beliefs realized. No action, no matter how small, is insignificant – how we treat someone determines how we treat everyone, including ourselves. If we don’t respect others, we don’t respect ourselves. If we don’t trust others, we don’t trust ourselves. If we are cruel to others, we are cruel to ourselves. If we don’t value those around us, we don’t value ourselves either. With every person we deal with, and with every task we do, we must be kinder and act with more generosity than is expected and more positive than we imagine possible. Every moment with another human being is an opportunity to express our highest values and influence someone with our humanity. We can gradually change the world for the better.

How we do small things simultaneously determines how we do everything. If we do small tasks well, we will also excel at larger tasks. Mastery then becomes our way of life. But more than that – each small effort builds on the next, so that brick by brick we can build magnificent things, build confidence and make extraordinary dreams come true. The truly wise know that in the long run, small daily progress leads to extraordinary achievements.

No work is unimportant. In every task, we can express our talents, create our art and exercise the genius with which we are gifted. We must work as Picasso painted – with dedication, passion, energy and excellence. Thus, our activity will not only be a source of inspiration for others, but will also influence the life around us. One of the greatest secrets of a great life is to give meaning to our work and to achieve such a level of perfection that they can’t stop looking at us.

We do not go through life alone and not separated from the world around us. Therefore, we must always be aware of the things and people we accept into our lives. It is wise to stick to places that inspire and energize us, and hang out with people who give us flight and drive. Both at work and in private life, these friends and comrades enable us to make the most of ourselves and live as valuable a life as possible.

Most people don’t discover what is most important in life until they are too old to do anything about it. They waste many years of their best years seeking and satisfying what is ultimately not particularly important. While society encourages us to fill our lives with material objects, deep down we are aware that we are enriched and strengthened by purely basic satisfactions. No matter how easy or difficult our current situation is, we are all surrounded by a wealth of simple blessings just waiting to be taken into account. When we do, we become more satisfied. Our gratitude extends. And every day becomes a wonderful gift.

How full our life is depends on how much you love. The heart is wiser than the head. Respect him. Trust him. Follow him.

There is not a single person living in the world today who is redundant. Each of us is here with a specific reason, a specific purpose, a mission. By all means, be happy and have fun. And definitely become successful in your own way and not the one imposed on you by society. Live like it won’t matter. Be useful. And be of service to as many other people as possible. In this way, each of us can pass from the domain of the ordinary to the heights of the extraordinary. And join the best that ever lived.

I still have a lot of work to do to conquer all these life guidelines. But, as the author of the book says, every day a little and the achievements will be extraordinary.