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We turn business into a game!

Savina Premzel

Sweepstakes have become an important part of the marketing strategy of many companies. The reason for this is that it is a great way to increase customer interest and brand loyalty. A prize game organized by the company allows the company to connect with its customers and reward them for their loyalty.

We dedicated this year to the number 50. We also introduced it in a year-long prize game. With the prize game, the prize of which is an educational workshop led by CEO Marko Podgornik Verdev, we will reward as many as 50 of our social network followers, with a total prize amount of as much as 50,000 euros.


Everyone who realizes that entrepreneurship is an endless game and that knowledge is the greatest wealth can participate in the prize game. The response to the raffle exceeded expectations, which indicates that we have achieved our purpose.

The educational workshop "Turning business into a game" perfectly describes us. A family of 170 employees with an infinite way of thinking.

Marko Podgornik Verdev, after his resounding thank-you speech at the Vključi.Vse award, is a very popular lecturer who is wanted at many high schools, various companies and most of the congresses taking place this year.

We wish him that his brand continues to soar and grow stronger and become a symbol of leadership that brings to the fore the importance of team and inspirational leadership.