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Swiss watches accuracy

Andrej Mihevc

The accuracy of Swiss watches … does not correlate with the accuracy of Swiss drivers!

Together with my colleague Suzana, we set off from Zagreb airport to Switzerland, more specifically to Zurich, from where we took the high-speed train to our desired destination, the small town of Solothurn. We stayed in the second oldest hotel in Switzerland, La Couronne, which is located in the heart of the city center and offers a really pleasant stay with its elegance and historical note – not to mention the excellent restaurant.

We started the first day with a “familiarization” dinner. We were met by a familiar face, Mr. Duško Filipović, and director of the Life Science division, Mr. Lorenz Egli. Representatives of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Serbia were also present. The next day they took us to a small town next to Zuchwil. As an interesting point, I should mention that the minibus driver was late by approx. 10 minutes – so much for Swiss time or accuracy.


Borer Chemie is located in Zuchwil. A top company that manufactures professional cleaners for machine and manual cleaning. The building itself, the approach of the employees and all the equipment confirmed their entrepreneurial success.

In addition to all the presentations, the daily schedule also included a guided tour of the company and, what contributes the most, practical workshops. On them, we learned about the different qualities of water and what effect it has on the final cleaning results. We also had a workshop on determining the optimal concentrations and types of cleaners for specific dirt (CLEAN study) and learned how to deal with the cleaning of tablet manufacturing tools most effectively.

The second day of school was devoted to a very interesting topic for me, namely derouzing and passivation. It involves the removal of metal oxides or rust and the application of a thin layer of film, which serves as a barrier against further rusting and restoration of the material. Here, too, we had practical exercises where we could see live how to proceed when you encounter such a problem.

We ended the schooling and pleasant socializing with a joint lunch, from where we returned to Slovenia by the same route and with the same means of transport.

We took away a lot of new knowledge and some Swiss cookies and chocolates from Switzerland, which justify their reputation more than a Swiss watch.