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Why a person should never forget to be respectful

Aleksandra Peharda

Those of us who are in any way related to sales “deal” with various challenges and characters of people on the other side. Of course, this does not only apply to pure sales – the same challenges are faced by everyone who participates in any way or solves the wishes, ideas and demands of our customers.

We are faced with a series of challenges on how to act and behave in order to achieve a good result, whatever that means; to sell, repair, explain or deliver. The ultimate goal is the same for all of us – that the result is positive, pleasant for us personally and that we feel satisfied with it. It is also and should be important to us how the customer feels about it, since we are not least dependent on him in the future. We even learn about ways to “deal” with different customer personalities from experts who show us how to approach people who are different from us.

What about inside our home, inside our organization? Here, however, we know the people around us, at least we think so. They are, for example, our friends, some even as brothers and sisters or at least distant cousins. Here, our relationship becomes, at least it seems to us, somehow simpler or easier. It seems that we have everything under control, our siblings accept us, understand us and we can relax. We can be who we are. And that’s right, because the most beautiful thing is when you can be relaxed, not feel threatened and flourish in all your worth. But unfortunately there is a silent loophole here; a noose that slowly but steadily tightens and begins to burden us, to the extent that we forget the basic human virtue called respect. When people are accepted, perhaps praised, singled out as successful or in any way placed in the comfort zone, we too quickly slip into the “comfortable couch of life” and forget about that small but extremely important virtue – respect and kindness. We forget too quickly the importance of positive communication, warm words, a nice look and a friendly greeting.


Have you ever wondered what our warm greeting or just a smile does on the other end? It causes a state of acceptance and approval, a state of kindness. It causes that when we approach this same person the next time, we will not have a cold barrier or reservations in front of us, but will arrange things quickly and positively. We will feel welcome. In other words, we get what we give.

And when we break what is human again; when we realize that we didn’t do the right thing, that we didn’t feel good when we left, or that that seventh sense left us with a bitter aftertaste; then comes the most important step for our human relationship – that is apology. An apology to show that we care and that we are HUMAN. A man who knows that he has done something wrong, or at least feels that something is not “ok”. If we do not take this step, even if it is not easy for us, we will never experience that relief when things fall into place again, when we realize that we have grown as a person. If a person does not know how to take a step back without looking at what others are doing, all this negativism, resentment, nagging and unfinished business slowly but steadily changes him. Every day we will like ourselves less (consciously or unconsciously), every day we will be more dissatisfied, gloomy, annoying and we will slowly sink into a cold shell. And I believe that such a situation is not pleasant for anyone.

So let’s remind ourselves not to lose that warmth, respect and positivity regardless of external factors. Let’s focus on the good and think and act positively and respectfully. You know what they have already proven many times – what you think, you recall or become. At that moment, you start hanging out with people who are similar to you, which confirms you are right. Is that true? Do you feel pleasant, relieved or in a good mood, or do you feel that something is suffocating you, “your soul hurts” and somewhere deep inside you feel that something is not right?

All this can also be read in the book about the power of thoughts and emotions: The Law of Attraction. The law of attraction works whether you believe in it or not. We must realize or learn that everyone creates their own reality.