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Dom pod Gorco open house day – charity goulash

Dom pod gorco organized an open day, which is combined with charity every year. Among the many activities, there was also a charity cooking competition, where teams of volunteers competed in cooking dishes according to their own recipes in kettles.

The sale of these dishes to visitors enabled the collection of funds, which were intended to improve the lives and care of dementia residents at the home. The expert evaluation of the dishes was entrusted to experienced Slovenian chefs, among whom were also renowned chefs.

Our company was represented by a team led by head chef Nino, an experienced expert in the field of goulash cooking. He was accompanied by his assistants: Aleksander, a long-time chef with an exceptional sense of spices, Samo, a specialist in meat preparation, and Mirjana, an experienced cook with special knowledge in the use of herbs and spices.

Together, they tried to create a perfect combination of flavors and textures and thus prepared the best Pohora goulash with smoked cranberries, which impressed visitors and judges.