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Holiday Experiment


We create warmth in HEARTS and help the children of Zavod 13

The employees of Mikro+Polo, with the help of their holiday assistants – Michelin-starred top chef Gregor Vračko from the "Hiša Denk" restaurant and Petra Greiner and five very special friends from "Zavod 13" – have prepared the most traditional holiday Mikro pastry. This was created according to a very special, secret recipe.

You know us …

The company with the most chemistry, where we build relationships, include everyone and where every idea counts.

Holidays are magical even without material gifts or just modest gifts under the Christmas tree. We can conjure joy with various, very special ingredients and with many varied events, such as tours of decorated city centers, making decorations for the Christmas tree, baking festive pastries – that’s what we also did. Such special ones, charitably colored and seasoned with a Michelin star.

What experiment did we do this year?

The wish
Our common desire is to meet the parents of the children of Zavod 13 and help them co-finance at least some therapies that ease their health condition. This is how we wrapped this year’s business gifts in a story with meaning and delighted our business partners with festive cakes and invited them to join our experiment.

The goal
Together with you, we create warmth in HEARTS.

The course
During the day, full of laughter, we exchanged many stories, wishes and goals. We determined 12 New Year’s pearls, which we hung on the Christmas tree. Let them remind you that gifts, the intangible ones, can be even more eternal and special.

The result
Let 2022 end with a chain reaction!

With the help of the Mikro+Polo team’s festive helpers – Michelin-starred top chef GREGOR VRAČKO from the “Hiša DENK” restaurant and PETRA GREINER with five very special friends from “ZAVOD 13”, LANA, LARA, EMANUELA, CARLI and LUKA – we provided the most traditional holiday pastries. This was created according to a very special, secret recipe. During the day, full of laughter, we exchanged many stories and sincere thoughts.

Chain Reaction
When we choose and add joy to the formula of life, we feel good. When we feel good, we do good, and when we do good, others recognize the power of joy. May the joy continue to spread in 2023.