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Žan Rekar – Science Promoter 2023

SCIENCE PROMOTER is a campaign of the Mikro+Polo company, with which we help three second-year students of any science faculty or young researchers by donating all the necessary material and chemicals worth 3,000 euros to carry out a research or research assignment.

ŽAN REKAR is a young researcher at the Jožef Stefan Institute, in the Department of Environmental Science. The area he researches is the easiest to describe himself, but he also convinced us with his rich imagination and highly developed creative streak, do you believe?

We include and live diversity. Quite in our spirit, isn’t it?

Would you like to learn more about Žan or the area she researches? Have a question, write it down and we’ll pass it on to her? You can write to us at the e-mail address:

>> Watch Žan’s presentation video.