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We Took Flowers for a Walk

At Mikro+Polo, we are aware of the positive impact of houseplants on our well-being, and since we care about the environment, it was out of the question not to once again celebrate the international day »Take your Houseplant for a walk« in our company.

On this day, we paid even more attention to our green friends and transplanted plants that needed it. On this day, our offices have already become greener than they are in our everyday life. The collection of potted plants grows every year, but we are still most proud of Benjamin, who is more than 15 years old.

Of course, it was not possible without an actual walk around the company. The employees grabbed the nearest and cutest potted plant and took it into the fresh air. We always try to combine the pleasant with the useful. Everything is so easy when you have such a good idea leader by your side, our Jan Robin, better known on Instagram with more than 60 thousand followers under the name @botanistbyheart.

If you think that taking indoor plants for a walk around the city, to the park, or even to work is too extreme, you can at least show them off on social networks or at least move them to the balcony, where they will enjoy the fresh air and receive a little bit more light.

On »Take your Houseplant for a walk« day, it is an opportunity to devote more time to your green roommates and think about what you as an individual can do for a »greener« environment. But if you are not yet the owner of indoor plants, use this day to buy your first potted plant.