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Let’s Connect Through Sports

We flew a little… towards health. At the end of 2021, we completed the Strong and Healthy (KIZ) pilot project, and in April, our participation in the POLET project also officially ended. Both projects were aimed at improving our health, and as is customary at Mikro+Polo, we upgraded them - by expanding the fitness offer for employees and with the "Let's connect through sport" campaign.

What has changed in the field of employee health and lifestyle in the last year?

  • The range of meals in our office kitchen has improved: there are more vegetables on offer, more freshly prepared food,
  • more and more employees use the rest of their breaks to take a quick walk around the company, they also decide to hold internal meetings “while walking,”
  • with the abolition of bins at workplaces in the renovated part of the business premises, the number of opportunities for employees to stand up during work has increased,
  • after the workshop on healthy sitting, the participating employees became more attentive to their way of sitting, perform corrective movements when sitting,
  • some have also transferred their knowledge to their closest colleagues, and some also perform occasional exercises for a few minutes at the workplace, but it is difficult to estimate what their share is, and it certainly does not reach the desired 30%; we expect that this will improve in the next year when more of them will review the already mentioned Health Manual and since we intend to continue with the activities of awareness and promotion of PZD,
  • with the introduction of group fitness training, the number of employees who regularly exercise in the fitness center at least twice a week has exceeded 50% of employees,
  • by agreement with the director, we will plan one sports activity every month in 2022; the “Let’s connect through sport” project is also continuing, so we expect a trend of further growth of active life at work and outside of it.

In addition to the preparation of the aforementioned manual Staying healthy – Proven tips for (very) busy people, we realized the following:

  • For more than half of the employees (this interest surprised us), we performed measurements of pressure, blood oxygen, sugar, lipid profile, and ankle index with an interpretation of the results;
  • we conducted quite some training for the employees of both partners in the project:
    • workshop for women on menopause “Challenges of middle age;” since we organized it during the closure, we carried it out online,
    • diabetes prevention workshop,
    • workshop for a healthy heart and blood vessels,
    • the Gokhale method workshop – correct sitting for a healthy spine, in two parts, the first was online and the second was live,
    • training for the PZD coordinator,
  • we purchased a device for measuring blood pressure and pulse; an employee also donated a glucometer; both are available to all employees at Boštjan P.; we purchased equipment for relaxation and recreation corners, which we are setting up around the company;
  • we have already held the Franci’s Memorial – internal championship on the table tennis table.

A bright (and healthy) future lies ahead.